Here’s all the cards I could have sent you

I know it should be something

The postman brings

In a bag

Angel wings

Five go-o-old rings

Choirs sing

Snowflakes cling

And its meant to have a stamp

The flap still damp

From your lick.

 Wise men go

Manger in snow

Hear cattle low

(Just how low can those cows go?)

And on the back, the cause.

A charity, of course

Not just Next

 Worshippers kneeling

Children squealing

Sprouts and bells a-peeling

Homophones a-pealing 

And words of love and wishes sent

That next year goes like this one went.

But better

 Nana fat

Santa hat

Sits on cat

Cat, flat

Lo! Better than a letter!

I send you all my love!

From my heart, my hearth, my home!

Not on a sleigh, but an iPhone


Alert tone

*smiley face*


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